Janitorial Services

B.H. Wit strives to go the extra mile, so you will be pleased with our cleaning service and the quality of our work. Our price is guaranteed for at least one (1) full year, and please be assured that our bid is submitted to do the entire job every night. We do not cut corners or rush through the cleaning process. We take pride in our reputation and our quality of work reflects this. We have the ability to bring into your office the personnel and equipment necessary to be absolutely certain that whatever cleaning task needs to be done, is done on time, without compromise.

While we often do more, our nightly janitorial services always consists of the following items:

  1. Trash cans emptied
  2. Dust the cleared areas only, of desks, tops of file cabinets and shelves
  3. Vacuum carpets
  4. Sweep and mop the uncarpeted floor areas
  5. Clean the bathrooms and refill the paper products
  6. Clean the front door and sweep off the outside entrance area.